Earlier this year, it appeared that we were going to have considerably less storage water than last year, but due to the continuing lower temperatures and wet weather patterns, the reservoirs are continuing to rise. As of today, the water supply is aligning more closely to what we had at this time last year. We … Read more


At the Board of Directors regular board meeting held on May 3rd, there was lengthy discussion on the water supply and potential start date for the irrigation season. The water supply is approximately 3,000-acre feet below where it was on this date last year. The total water supply is at 19,201-acre feet, or 17% of … Read more


We will begin making water deliveries on the McDonald System on Tuesday, May 10th. This system will be heavily impacted from the lack of snowpack since it does not have any storage facility to support it so, it will likely experience an early shutoff this season.


As of April 5, 2022, the water supply is still approximately 3,300 acre feet below where it was at this time last year. The combined storage in the three reservoirs of Howard Prairie, Hyatt Lake and Emigrant Lake is 13,155 acre feet or 12% of capacity. We currently have approximately 25 days of water to … Read more

Water Supply and General Information Update

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE Unfortunately, the water supply situation is not looking very good at this time. There is actually less water in the three district reservoirs of Howard Prairie, Hyatt Lake and Emigrant Lake, than there was this time last year. It is too early to make a determination on whether there will be enough … Read more

Water Theft Policy

The Board of Directors has passed a resolution to document the district’s policy on water theft. In addition to citing applicable Oregon statutes, it outlines the penalties that will apply to anyone taking water without prior approval from the district. See full text of resolution → If you have questions about this policy or any … Read more

IMPORTANT! Delinquent Accounts Policy Change

The Board of Directors has made a policy change on delivering water to delinquent accounts. In the past, we have always let people use water without paying the current year charges. However, effective with the 2021-2022 fiscal year beginning on October 1, 2021, all prior and current incurred charges must be paid in full by … Read more

Irrigation Season Shutdown

Due to extremely low reservoir levels and depleted water supply, the district will be shutting all of the canals off first thing Monday morning, July 19, 2021. Some canals may run into Tuesday while draining down.

McDonald Water Users Only – Shutting Down the System

As of Thursday, July 1, 2021, the Jackson County Watermaster is regulating the Applegate System water rights. He is regulating back to the year 1910 and the district’s water right is dated 1915 so we have to shut the McDonald System down first thing this morning. A typical shut off date for the system is … Read more