Talent Irrigation District Fee Schedule

2021-2022 Season

Effective October 1, 2021 To September 30, 2022
Adopted By The Board Of Directors Sept. 22, 2021

Irrigation Charges

Parcel Charge$103.00 per tax lot
Annual Irrigation Charge$56.00 per acre
one acre minimum
New Land Inclusion Charge$2.00 per acre
one acre minimum
McDonald System Irrigation Charge$54.00 per acre
one acre minimum
Annual Supplemental Charge28.00 per acre
one acre minimum
Bureau Indebtedness$6.00 per acre
one acre minimum


Administrative Charge on Pay Jobs 10% of the job cost
Administration Fee on Foreclosures $150.00 per tax lot
Copies25ยข per page
$5.00 per true copy
$10.00 per each electronic device
Late Fee
past 60 days, owe balance of $50 or more
$25.00 per tax lot
Lien & Satisfaction of Lien Fee$335.00 per tax lot
Lien Search Fee$55.00 per tax lot
Mapping Fee$110.00 per map
Planning Action Letters$25.00 per letter for no concerns
$110.00 per letter for concerns
Quit Claim of Water Rights$150.00 per quit claim
Research/Compile Records$48.00 per hour
no prorated fee available for increments less than a quarter-hour
Returned Check Charge$30.00 per check
Right-of-Use Application Fee$220.00 per application
Temporary Instream Leases$110.00 per lease
Water Right Transfer Application Fee$750.00 per transfer
Re-Transfer Water Right
in Same Tax Lot, Different Owner
$220.00 per transfer
Re-Transfer Water Right
in Same Tax Lot, Same Owner
110.00 per transfer
Water Right Transfer Capital Improvement Fee$220.00
for the first 5 acres and
$30.00 for each additional acre
Water Right Verification Letter$25.00 per letter
Water Storage Facility Application$1,500.00 per application
Water Truck Application Fee$110.00 per application