We do not currently have a firm start date for the irrigation season, but are looking to start sometime in May. It will depend on what happens with the weather. Last weekend the valley received approximately a half inch of rain. Hopefully these types of events will continue so we can delay the start. We will update the website as we get closer to determining when the irrigation will start.

As of today, the current reservoir elevations are as follows:
Howard Prairie is at 28,962 acre feet or 48% of capacity
Hyatt Lake is at 9,225 acre feet or 57% of capacity
Emigrant Lake is at 25,229 acre feet or 65% of capacity

The current total storage is 64,416 acre feet or 56% of capacity. On this date last year, the total storage was 39,053 acre feet or 34% of capacity.

The reservoirs are still gaining water, but we do not know how much longer that will continue. Unfortunately, the snowpack is almost completely gone around Howard Prairie and Hyatt Lake. Last year we had a good snowpack which provided lots of natural streamflow for irrigation, prior to drafting the reservoirs. Due to the lack of snowpack this year, once we start running water we will be drafting the reservoirs down from the start.

We expect the season to be comparable to last year. Of course, this again depends on how hot and dry this summer gets. As always, it will be important for everyone to use their water as conservatively and efficiently as possible so that we will have a successful season and have water to carry over to 2025.

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