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Welcome To Talent Irrigation District

Established on May 22, 1916, the Talent Irrigation District is a Quasi-Municipality Corporation of the State of Oregon chartered under Oregon Revised Statues, and is under contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation). The district is governed by a board of three elected directors and is the largest irrigation district in Southern Oregon.

The district is located in the beautiful Rogue Valley. The project area includes land in and around the cities of Medford, Phoenix, Talent and Ashland. We have 3,530 accounts and 3,000 land owners that we provide irrigation water to on a total of 16,300 acres of land. Our water is provided for commercial and residential irrigation uses within our district boundaries.

The district has storage in three Reclamation reservoirs: Howard Prairie, Hyatt Prairie and Emigrant Lake. The district’s irrigation water supply comes from the flows of the following creeks: South Fork of Little Butte Creek and its tributaries; Grizzly Creek and Keene Creek above Hyatt Prairie and Keene Creek Reservoirs; Emigrant Creek and its tributaries above Emigrant Reservoir; Bear Creek and its tributaries below Emigrant Reservoir; as well as several other tributaries throughout the Federal Project area. This water is provided to the district water users by an extensive collection, diversion, storage, and conveyance system consisting of over 130 miles. The district works year-around to maintain this extensive collection and delivery system.

A normal irrigation season starts in mid-April and continues through to early October, if there is a sufficient water supply. During drought conditions, the irrigation season can start later and end earlier.

Have questions? We invite you to contact the District Office during our regular business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Mon. – Fri. 541-535-1529

Mission Statement

The mission of the Talent Irrigation District is to deliver water equitably and efficiently with the least amount of cost to its water users, keeping in mind the need for long-range planning and environmental impact.

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