At the regular board meeting held this morning, May 9th, it was decided we will start making our first water deliveries on Monday, May 22nd. We will be working prior to this date on flushing the debris and soaking the canals in preparation for water deliveries. The canals need to be brought up to operating depths slowly so as not to cause canal failure. We will be utilizing the natural stream flow for the flushing process; compliments of the ample snow pack this winter. DURING THIS TIME, NO WATER DELIVERIES WILL BE MADE.

Some rotations will begin the week of May 22nd. As pressurized lines are slowly charged, more deliveries will be made. If you are on a pressure line it is important that you do not start irrigating until the line is fully charged. If you start before it is fully charged, it delays everyone’s ability to start irrigating. The ditch riders will let people know when the lines are fully charged.

The office will begin taking water orders starting on Friday, May 19th.  It is important to remember that not everyone will be able to start irrigating the week of May 22nd.  If we all work together cooperatively, we can make this the best season we have had in a couple years. We anticipate being able to supply water to our patrons for at least 90 days, and potentially longer, if we all work together to conserve as much water as possible.

As a reminder, the irrigation charges must be paid in full before any water is delivered to your property.

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