Water Supply Update April 25, 2023

The snowpack has contributed considerably to the water supply so far, and there is more to come. We currently have 15″ of snow at our measuring site at Howard Prairie. Compared to last year, all of the snow at this site was completely melted as of April 21, 2022.

As of today, the combined storage of our three reservoirs is 46,246 acre feet or 40% of capacity. The reservoir storage is broken down as follows:

Howard Prairie 18,306 acre feet or 30% of capacity

Hyatt Lake          4,640 acre feet or 28% of capacity

Emigrant Lake 23,300 acre feet or 59% of capacity

The weather forecast for the rest of this week is going to be very warm, potentially breaking the low 90’s, however the forecast for next week calls for the temperatures to drop back down into the mid to upper 60’s. The water supply is still not sufficient for a full irrigation season, but it is definitely better than last year. The board of directors will be discussing the irrigation season start date at the regular board meeting to be held on May 9th.


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