August 3, 2022 Water Supply Update

The hot weather continues which adds to the difficulty of the water flowing through all canals due to the aquatic weed growth. During the heat of the day when the water temperature increases the aquatic weeds raise up in the canal and slow the flow of water. Overnight when the water temperature cools somewhat, the aquatic weeds tend to lay down more in the canals. We are currently performing mechanical aquatic weed removal operations on sections of the Talent Canal that are most affected to help improve the water flow. We will move these operations to other canals as needed.

As of now, we anticipate shutting the system off sometime between August 17th to 19th. It is possible that the water supply could run out slightly earlier, but we will keep you updated over the next couple weeks. We would like to ask for your continued cooperation and patience as we work to make the best of this extreme drought situation we are faced with.

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