The winter/spring weather patterns have helped the water supply considerably, although we still have a long way to go for a suitable water supply. There are currently 45” of snow at our measuring site at Howard Prairie. Last year on this date there was no snow. There is no way to determine exactly what the impact of the snow melt will have on the reservoirs once it begins, but it will definitely be positive.

As of today, the combined reservoir storage of our three lakes is 32,303 acre feet or 28% of capacity. The reservoir storage is broken down as follows among the 3 reservoirs:

Howard Prairie 12,093 acre feet or 20% of capacity

Hyatt Lake            3,119 acre feet or 19% of capacity

Emigrant Lake   17,091 acre feet or 44% of capacity

Due to the continued wet weather conditions, there has not been any discussion so far on when the irrigation season will begin. The Board of Directors will be discussing a potential start date at their regular May 9th board meeting. We will update the website as we get closer to determining when water deliveries will begin.


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