Our canals are currently running at full capacity.  Attempting to add any additional flows increases the risk of overtopping the canals on their upper reaches.  Therefore, we have to work with the flows we have and to distribute the water as equitably as possible.

We are still struggling to get water to the lower ends of the Talent and West Canals.  We were finally able to get water to the lower end of the East Canal, but only by shutting water users off on the upper end.

The Ditch Riders have been instructed to shut off any properties that have been irrigated at least once so far this season, in order to allow those that have not had water, the opportunity to be irrigated. Once all have had an opportunity, we will attempt to resume normal operations.  We appreciate your cooperation during this process.

So far, the water supply is holding up well. At the current rate of releases from Howard Prairie, Hyatt Lake and Emigrant, we anticipate having enough water to run to approximately August 19th. Keep in mind this date could change, depending on the weather. According to the forecast, we are looking at some 100° days in the next couple of weeks which does affect the movement of the water through the canals due to the increased growth of aquatic weeds and the water supply through evaporation.

Thank you again for your understanding, patience and cooperation as we move through this very difficult irrigation season.

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