The reservoirs are still gaining small amounts of water with the intermittent rains we are experiencing. At the board meeting today, the Board of Directors discussed when to start the water for the irrigation season. With forecasted showers this weekend, it was the consensus of the Board not to make a decision today. They will reevaluate the situation on Monday, June 13, 2022 and an update on their discussion will be posted to the website shortly thereafter. The three reservoirs currently have 544 acre feet, in combined storage, more than what they had at their highest levels last year. We are still estimating that we will have approximately 35 days of water for the irrigation season. The current reservoir elevations as of today, are as follows:

Emigrant         14,074 acre feet or 36%

Howard Prairie 9,165 acre feet or 15%

Hyatt Lake        1,687 acre feet or 10%

Total               24,926 acre feet or 22% of full pool

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